John Rayner – Branch Manager of the Property Club in Newcastle

john rayner from property clubHi. My name’s John Rayner. I’m a branch manager with the Property club in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area. The Property Club, I guess it’s a bunch of people that share their knowledge. One thing that Kevin Young has shared with us and one of the things he’s learnt in his very early days, he had a business in Brisbane and was situated somewhere along the Brisbane River. Back in 1974 I think it was, the floods came and he got flooded out. He soon learnt that if you are going to invest or buy property, don’t buy it in a flood zone. That’s one of the criteria that the property club now uses that it has to be at least a third of a meter above the highest known flood line before they will even recommend that property. It’s all about sharing your knowledge, people helping people.

You really should get advice from people who are actually doing it. I’ve attended many property expos, and you turn around and you say to some of these people, “How many properties do you own?” “I don’t own any. I’m only a salesperson.” I can say “We own 13 properties,” so we practice what we preach. By that we have knowledge and we can share that with our members.

All you need to do is contact someone who is already in the Property Club and they’ll put you in contact with a property mentor or a branch manager, or even contacting the club itself and you’ll become a member.

Probably the most important thing is setting up your finances, having the correct finance. Banks have a lot of products. Most of the banks will probably have collectively 900, a thousand-odd products. Yes, they’ll be quite happy to sell you anything. I learnt that very early in my career when I started property investing. It’s not just one size fits all. It needs to be individually tailored for what you the property investor wants. It’s important to get good advice and from people who actually know what they’re talking about. Using people, even brokers, who have property investments themselves, they have an understanding of how to set your finances up correctly.”