Testimonials from annual conference 2013

Matt: Hi. My name’s Matt Dunshaw and this is my 2nd national conference. For those of you that have never been before, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing out on. The TIC services and benefits that we speak of, the greatest asset out of any of this sort of conference, is meeting other people and being able to share the diversity, the brilliant things that they are doing.

Carol: Hello. I’m Carol from Victoria. I love coming to the TIC National Conference because I learn so much, and I get to catch up with the friends that I’ve made in the state. It’s very, very inspiring, and I always go home buzzing and ready to move on to the next level of investing.

Keri: Hello. I’m Keri Perry. I’m a TIC account, and I love coming to these conferences because I get to see Kevin Young. I get to meet a lot of property investors. TIC, for those who are unaware of it, is a fabulous club which helps people grow in property portfolio and become successful and wealthy.

Andrew: Hi. My name’s Andrew. This is the first national conference I’ve been to. Absolutely enjoyed it. Probably the highlight of the weekend would be Pat Farmer and his motivation speeches. Absolutely great. Thank you.

Kim: Hi. My name’s Kim and this is my first year at attending one of these conferences. I’ve found it fantastic. I’ve learned so much today. I’ve been a member for a long time, but never actually been active and come up and attended one these. Learned lots about FIDOs and all different expressions of interest and other things. I actually, also, was successful in obtaining a property today through a ballot system, so a very, very exciting day for me and my family. Thank you.

Jewel: Hello. I’m Jewel Clifford and I come from country south of Australia, a little town called Luxton Demarie. A long-term property investor TIC. You might ask, “Why would I continue to come to these conferences?” The reason is that you can never learn enough. We have lots of motivational speakers. We have lots of property mentors and members discussing their journey. You will always learn something. I remember coming two years ago, and it enabled me to access the equity in my properties, which for two years I had not been able to touch, by a conversation and a presentation. I encourage you to come along with your beginner investor or whether your a moment cheer investor because there’s something for everybody at these conferences. See you next year.